Pointing by Tony Wallace are brickwork specialists working to preserve, restore and improve buildings for over 30 years. We are specialist in the Pointing industry with wide-ranging knowledge and experience on residential, commercial and historical buildings. We operate throughout London and the surrounding counties of Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.


We are well known and trusted in the industry with home owners, builders, property developers and structural engineers as our clients. We advise our clients on alternative solutions that may have greater long-term benefits and work with them to achieve their goal to a high standard.


Brickwork Services

If you have any type of brickwork problem, we can certainly fix it! We pride ourselves in our offering of brickwork services. Not only will we have a brickwork solution, but we also have trade resources that will source like-for-like bricks. We can colour match mortar tints and use traditional authentic pointing techniques.


Pointing Services

Pointing is the technique of applying the substance between the bricks or stone used to erect a building. The substance between the bricks can differ depending on the age of the building. The substance often used on older buildings is mortar made from lime and newer buildings tend to be constructed with cement mortar. The areas surrounding the bricks are called mortar joints.


Repointing Services

Repointing is the technique of repairing the mortar joints between bricks or stone. Over time being exposed to the elements and general wear and tear, mortar joints will crack and/or disintegrate. Pointing repair requires a brickwork specialist that can identify the technique, age and damage and able to find a solution that is in keeping with the building’s heritage.



A bonding agent generally produced by mixing a binding material, typically lime or cement and fine aggregate e.g. sand, with water. Mortar can disintegrate from weathering and become more absorbent. This can lead to further external and internal problems.


Lime Mortar               

Lime mortar is produced by mixing fat lime or hydraulic lime with sand and water for Lime pointing. The ratio of lime to sand can differ to produce specific bonding properties.


Cement Mortar

Cement mixed with fine sands and water. The ratio of cement to aggregates can differ depending on performance properties.


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Brick Cleaning Services

Brick Cleaning in London has become more popular with increased level of grime and air pollution from chimneys, vehicles and in some cases outside the city factories. Paint Removal from brickwork has also increased. As a nation we love to preserve our traditional structures exposing all original elements.


Pointing by Tony Wallace use a chemical cleaning method on brick and sometimes on stonework as it is nonabrasive and less likely to cause damage to masonry. Brick cleaning is a simple process that entails a great deal of manual labour. Pointing by Tony Wallace has a tried and tested procedure used for many years that has proven to be the safest and least harmful brick cleaning method.


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Pebbledash Removal Services

A form of render consisting of pebbles and stone to create a course finish for external walls. A post war trend and an inexpensive façade that years later is found unappealing. Pointing by Tony Wallace are Pebbledash Removal specialists. We manually remove the pebbledash with manual tools to limit damage to the underlying brickwork.


Once all the Pebbledash is carefully removed, the underlying brickwork would need to be checked for damaged bricks and disintegrating mortar.


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