Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace
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Brick Restoration West London

Tony Wallace has been providing masonry and brickwork services to customers in West London for many years now.

We have concluded many brick cleaning and masonry projects in:

Customer satisfaction is always our priority and the testimonials reflect this.

Some customers may be unaware of the services and we do not want them to stay behind. We will explain how each service is done with its purpose, so you can decide the right one for your building.

Brick Cleaning West London:

Bricks on the exterior walls of the houses have to face a lot of dust, dirt and decay. Although they are resistant, they too need maintenance and cleaning. When the maintenance is delayed for long, the walls become dull and this affects the overall value and appeal of the house.

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Pebble Dash Removal West London:

Pebble Dash is a harsh layer consisting of lime, pebble, shells, sand and gravel, and is used on exteriors of the houses. Pebble Dash is used not only for decorative effects but also because it has a long life span and requires very little maintenance.


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Pointing Repair West London:

Pointing Repair services or just Pointing service refers to the same thing. Pointing Service is needed when gaps start to form between bricks. Over the years, the mortar which is used as a gap-filling adhesive deteriorates leaving a void between bricks.


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Paint Removal West London:

People take a lot of interest in updating and decorating their house with the latest trends and designs. The same is with the paint. Changing the paint of the house does not require the existing paint to be old or flaky. Whenever you want to change the paint, our specialists are there.

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