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Paint Removal from Brick

Bricks are one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials having been used since circa 5000 BC. They do not require regular attention or maintenance but every decade or so, maintenance is needed for continued strength, protection and stability.

Often when homeowners think about exterior renovating or refreshing their homes, painting the bricks is often a consideration. This should be carefully considered, as paint is semi permanent, so make sure this is what you truly want.  Painted bricks tend to need more maintenance than exposed brickwork, as paints degradation process starts as soon as it is painted on. Paint gets dirty quicker, strips off and doesn’t handle weathering as well as bare bricks.

Some people paint their exterior brickwork to cover up slapdash previous work, some believe they are protecting and preserving their bricks and some just like the look of it. But if you decide the painted brick look is not the look for you anymore, then a professional Paint Removal company should be called. It is a skilled job for the experienced and capable.

Some properties have 10-50 years of layers of paint on their brickwork, but once removed the brickwork that has been somewhat protected from weathering, will look as good as the day it was covered, maybe better as it will be cleaner. But, what can also occur is hairline fissures will appear in the paint allowing water to enter and sit without escape. With the constant freeze and thaw over many years, this can cause ‘brick de-lamination’ or ‘spalling’ that is difficult to detect with paint concealing it. Spalling is a result of water entering brick, concrete or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel,pop out or flake off. Moisture can seep in behind the paint and penetrate the porous brick, causing damp externally and internally.Only a professional paint removal company have the knowledge to deal with these issues.

Paint removals from brick has been popular over recent years, as the nations fondness for the natural and traditional grows. This is why it is important to choose a specialist paint removal company that has the expertise to not cause any damage to the bricks and protect our traditional buildings. Pointing by Tony Wallace has a tried and tested way of removing paint from exterior bricks.

Our first priority when carrying out a paint removal from brick job is to ensure we remove the paint in a manner that will not damage the brickwork.

Our Paint Removalfrom brick process summed up in 7 simple steps:

  1. Test the chemical formula on an inconspicuous part of the brickwork. This also give a sense of how difficult the paint is to remove
  2. Protect non-brick areas with plastic sheeting e.g. windows, doors, architectural features, etc.
  3. Manually apply by brush a mild chemical formula to agitate paint
  4. Pressure wash brickwork to remove paint with a technique that ensures an even pressure across all brickwork
  5. Use more of the chemical formula and/or higher pressure wash on stubborn areas
  6. Repair or replace loose/damaged bricks or mortar joints
  7. Seal with water resistant solution


The paint removal from brick process should start with protection of areas around the brickwork. The next step is to cover the bricks with paint removing solution, before using a gentle pressure wash technique with a mild chemical formula. This is to safeguard the brick from damage. As the process continues a higher pressure can be used on stubborn areas, but again only a skilled tradesman will know how and when to do this. Sometimes a hard-wired brush is necessary to access the deeper areas of multiple coats of paint.

Once the paint has been removed and the damaged bricks and mortar repaired and/or replaced, a sealant will be applied. Pointing by Tony Wallace only use top quality and non-hazardous sealant for a long lasting and super protective finish.

Contact Pointing by Tony Wallace for all your paint removal from brick enquiries. We are happy to provide no-obligation quotations and give advice on the best way forward for your paint removal project.