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Repointing London

Pointing by Tony Wallace provides a range of services to its customers in London and surrounding areas. Repointing services London is the process of renewing the pointing (external parts of mortar joints) in construction. As time passes, due to the weather change, joints between masonry units (normally bricks) starts decay and allow unwanted entrance of water in walls. This water cause significant damage through frost weathering and from salt deposition & dissolution. Therefore, Pointing by Tony Wallace provides the quality services to its customers and helps them more properly refer to the finishing step in new construction. It is important for the customers to know about the process of Repointing and benefits so that they do not have any kind of hesitation for hiring our services. Masonry units typically lie in a bed of mortar. In some cases, the bedding mortar is meant to be seen and mortar joints require an immediate finish profile.

Services provides by company in Repointing London includes Pointing Services London, Paint Removals, Best Brick work and structure repair. Company commits a high quality services to the customers at lower cost. The material used in structure repair is of international standards. In Repointing, this is essential that mortar use for repairing must have similar performance characteristics. The beauty of the workers of Pointing by Tony Wallace is that they take great care in selection of the mortar. Material must analyze before use. If there is any doubt about the performance of mortar going to use in building change immediately. Satisfaction of customers is profit of the company. However, this is mandatory to look for some of the characteristics like coefficient thermal expansion, compressive strength and permeability.

For example, if a soft lime-based mortar originally used then the most suitability mortar likely to contain a large amount of lime for Repointing. However, the ratio of the elements can vary and alter according to damage. Company appointed architectural conservator performs the mortar analysis on request of the customers. He also makes recommendations for replacement mortar, which is aesthetically and physically compatible with the building. In addition, removal of old mortar between the joints handles with care in order to avoid damage to masonry units. The teams of company are also experts and most effective in removal by hand in case the building material is under-fired brick and lime mortar to avoid damage. New mortar should design to match the mortar type, texture and color to match older.