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Pebble dash Removals

Pebble Dash Removal London                    

One of the most trusted name among the construction companies based in London is Tony Wallace. The confidence of our clients in our company is extremely important to us. Thereby, we as a team believe in perfection and satisfaction. The reason for which we consider our company to be among the top names is due to our constant struggle and experience of thirty years. In order to attract people to a building, it is very important to have a clean exterior. The restoration of bricks is highly significant for this purpose.

After every few years, buildings demand renovation. If the walls are not taken care of in due time, they can be exposed to permanent damage which costs more time and money. So in order to save you from a massive destruction in your household construction, we offer you the best solutions. We intend to provide you with the best without any delay. Save your money and your time, we are just a phone call away.


We have a whole team of people who are experts in their particular fields of pebble dash removal, removing cracked paint, cleaning bricks and stones, and restoring the damaged bricks and cracks. We look forward to designing a completely new outlook exclusively for you.


Different methods are used for cleaning and restoration of walls. The most widely used methods are carried out by using either water or chemicals. Sometimes people remove the pebbledash exterior to expose their bricks which can be painted according to the choice of our customers. However, there are people who like to keep the same pebbledash look as a reminder of the old days.


Pointing is referred to the material that is used to join one brick with another. Thereby, it is of immense significance as it keeps the bricks in their place. The longevity of every wall is determined by the condition of its bricks. Different materials are used for this purpose. It is vital to fill in the cracked material before permanent damage to the walls. These cracks can also create a passage for rainwater. Moreover, if they are not treated properly they can destroy the entire structure of the house. Pebble dash is a type of covering for the outer walls. It was a highly popular idea in the Victorian era and almost all houses of that era had the same exterior. Small pebbles are attached to a strong base of sand and lime to create this look. Pebble dash is mostly used for the outer walls. Due to its strong base, it becomes quite a difficult task to remove it. Also with the passage of time, new exterior looks are getting popular every day. So in order to create a modern outlook, it is important to get it removed.


Your house represents your style and taste. In short, it is a representation of who you are. It reflects your personality. Thereby, it is substantial to add what it is new and remove what is old. We promise to give you an improved exterior of your choice. To ensure that we are not lagging behind, we as humans keep on changing our attires with time. Similar is the case with our buildings. Pointing and pebbledash removal are extremely significant for this purpose. Cleaning is important for a healthy lifestyle. Many bacteria and other harmful microorganisms can start to grow on our walls. Some of them can cause serious allergic issues and other health problems. That’s why we need to know about the safety of our walls.


Our team consists of experienced and competent members, who are skilled to satiate the desires of our clients. First, our consultants visit the site and offer the new changes which can be made. Of course, your choice is the most important thing for us. Therefore, we look forward to working with you as a team member. Your suggestions matter the most to us. Together with you, we guarantee a beautiful and modern exterior for your house. We have an experience of thirty years in this business. The success of our company can be estimated by the number of successful projects, which we have completed in the Past.