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It is evident in castles and some manor houses built centuries ago, that masonry construction is climate enduring and long lasting. However, the stones and mortar occasionally need attention to keep up their appearance and strength.

Stone and mortar can accumulate dirt, moss, grease, carbon, paint, graffiti, efflorescence and any form of environmental pollution. Whilst this may not necessarily damage the robust structure, it discolours and dulls the stonework making it appear older and a little decrepit. Pointing by Tony Wallace are professional stone cleaners with the capabilities and knowledge to restore your structure to look like the day it was built and to safeguard against any further damage.

Stone cleaning is a specialist area of masonry work, as it requires knowledge and proficiency to execute the job to a high standard, particularly when working with historic and listed buildings. We like to achieve a high standard without creating additional work for ourselves by the accidental removal of mortar between the stones. If completed without care and attention to detail or by an amateur, who does not have the expertise, then be aware that this can cause disastrous results. When embarking on a stone restoration project, we suggest you do your homework so you are able to ask your potential contractor the right questions to ensure you are hiring the appropriate contractor for the job.

Stone restoration should be approached a little more delicately than brickwork. Particular stones can be sensitive to wear and tear and need to be handled with care. As experienced stone cleaning contractors we prefer to use a mild chemical solution for stonework. Experience has taught us that specific stones may need a slightly different treatment. For example:

Acid based chemicals work well with

  • Sandstone
  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Terracotta

Alkaline based chemicals work well with

  • Limestone
  • Faience
  • Concrete
  • Other polished masonry

The methods used for stone cleaning can vary. Masonry with light levels of grime may just require several manual hand tools, a non-chemical solution and lots of hard physical effort. For heavier levels of grime, staining or paint, a pressure washer set at a low pressure may be required.

Once the stone cleaning process is completed, Pointing by Tony Wallace will safeguard the renewed beauty of the stone with a professional, good quality sealant. This is to give the stonework some protection from stains, water absorption and efflorescence and to preserve the renewed, fresh and appealing facade.

We cover a vast array of stone restoration projects from commercial and residential to historical listed buildings. For conservation area properties, historic or listed buildings, we always visit the site and inspect the property and inform our potential clients of the stone cleaning options and what we believe is necessary to maintain the strength and integrity of the structure.

Contact Pointing by Tony Wallace for advise on yournext stone cleaningproject. We will provide a no-obligation quotation with timings. We are happy to give advice on the best way forward for your stone restoration project.