Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brickwork Restoration Hampstead Garden Suburb

Pointing by Tony Wallace has been serving residents of Hampstead Garden Suburb for many years. Our Team of Experts is providing outstanding services in the area and surroundings. Our excellent services make us renowned in the area and are increasing our customers. We Pointing by Tony Wallace are Approved Contractors by the Trust,Committee.

We are providing the following services:

  • Pointing and Repointing Hampstead Garden Suburb
  • Brick Cleaning Hampstead Garden Suburb
  • Paint Removal Hampstead Garden Suburb
  • Pebbledash Removal Hampstead Garden Suburb

Pointing and Repointing Hampstead Garden Suburb

We, with our team of experts, provide services that are Pointing ( Lime Pointing, Mortar Pointing and Tuck Pointing) and Repointing( Pointing Repair). We through our services restore the new and old building. We at Pointing by Tony Wallace with the help of our latest techniques and best strategies, brings back the glory of the building. Our team first visits the area to examine the condition of the building or house. This visit by our team is free of cost, and after careful observation, we make a decision about the treatment and materials. In the case of repointing, we remove the damaged mortar from the wall with extreme care. This step is also called raking out.

In the raking out process, the joints are clear up to the depth of 13 to 20mm. The clear area is filled with mortar in the desired shape. The process of repointing is done with the help of a hammer and chisel. We do the historical repointing and thus maintain the ancient heritage. The historical repointing is the best way by which we preserve the ancient glory as it is for a long time.

In the pointing process, the mortar is placed while constructing a new building. The mortar is used in the pointing is a lime mortar and cement mortar. The pointing is done to give a finished look to the building and improve the appearance of the structure. We are the hub of different types of pointing services, such as beaded pointing, flush pointing, struck, and tuck-pointing. We serve our clients with dedication and outclass service.

PoInting Services Hampstead Garden Green

Brick Cleaning Hampstead Garden Suburb

Brick cleaning is important to process for maintaining the house or building. The cleaning of the bricks will improve the life of your house. The owner should do this service for their house after at least five years. We pointing by tony Wallace performed excellent brick cleaning and give back the original look of your house. We serve our clients with our best effort and leave a lasting impression on the minds of customers. We do brick cleaning from the following steps. First, we plan a visit to the client’s house. The survey visit is necessary for making the right decision about the treatment and material used. After that, we go through the treatment by using the right chemical solution. All the area other than the affected is covered with some plastic sheet.

The absorption rate of the brick is tested by the spraying of water. The reason is porous brick reacts towards the chemicals differently. That is why we check the absorption rate. After testing the absorption rate of bricks, if it will turn dark, then start cleaning. Then soak the brick with water wholly. When the cleaning of the brick is complete, we apply the chemical solution. After that, we thoroughly rinse the bricks with water.

Paint removal Hampstead Garden Suburb

We are five stars rated service provider in the process of paint removal. Ours outclass service make us approved contractor by trust committee. We do a paint removal service for all types of walls either houses or buildings. Our main aim is to produce the stunning look of the property. The paint removal is necessary to be done with a few years to uplift the appearance of the house.

In this process of paint removal, we go through several stages. One step is common in our all services. This step is the survey step which is initial and free of cost. This step is the key to the successful outcome of the service.

In paint removal, a stripping gel is used. This gel is different in its mode of action as compared to other paint strippers. When we applied, it to the wall which is to be treated, it sticks to it. Then after some time, it will make bubbles of the old paint and soft it. Then when the process of forming the blistering is complete, cleaning equipment of high pressure is used. It will blast off the whole paint at once. In this way, our team of experts renews the walls in the best effective way.

Pebbledash Removal Hampstead Garden Suburb

It will be no more difficult for you to find the best pebble dash removal service provider. We have been operating in the Hampstead gardens suburbsfor many years. We are serving the people of this area with our dedicated service which has made us their priority and makes them our satisfied customers. We have a good experience in restoring the features of the house. Our main aim is to bring out the natural beauty of the home of our clients. You can further satisfy yourself by visiting our website. Here you will see the bundle of positive reviews and testimonials of our customers. This shows that they have a positive experience in trying us and will compel you to try our service.

Our pebble dash removal service comprises four phases. In the first phase, our team of experienced people does this task. They remove the pebbledash from the brick wall. In the second phase, sometimes we experience severe damage to bricks. We remove the damaged bricks and replaced them with a new one. In the third step, the cleaning of the brick is done. This is done to remove all the dirt and paint which is present on the bricks to restore their original condition. In this service, the application of lime mortar is a good option while repairing the walls of old bricks.