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Our Services

Welcome to the London-based masonry specialist service – Pointing by Tony Wallace. After many years in the industry, we gathered all the essential experience and boosted with knowledge, we proudly offer you our expert service that comes with all the guarantees and customers satisfaction. We are not shy of our reputation – one of the best establishments in business that can provide an excellent pointing, repointing, brick cleaning London, paint removal and brickworks for a reasonable price.

Whether you need a construction of the new building or renovation of the old one, our qualified workers are ready to step in and create a fantastic new structure or give back the gorgeous look to your aged building that desperately needed a restoration.

Now, let’s talk about our methods. The mortar of cement & sand is an inevitable substance of the brickwork which is very important for the bricks, style and color texture. A crucial aspect of building maintenance is repointing because it can save a lot of money to the owner. Not only is that, repointing very helpful in restructuring and revitalization of the old bricks, stones or lime. It will give nice refreshment to your building and the old glory and beauty.

We are always open for all the customers’ suggestions and all of your requirement will be respected and added to our designs and ideas. The thoroughly brick cleaning will restore the previous look of the building that was lost due to weather conditions, erosion or some other factors. In case you don’t like the color of your building or it faded due to years, we are here to do the job perfectly and repaint the structure with all the caution and care. Everything we do will certainly last for years because it’s done with love and quality. Paint removals London is feasible only when clients want to modify the existing paint color or repaint it to impart new look to the structure.