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Lime Pointing London

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Remove loose, cracked or crumbling mortar joints using a chisel and lump hammer to a depth of about 1 inch or twice the width of the joint. Pointing by Tony Wallace clean the joint out to leave a square edge at the back of the recess. This helps provide new mortar with a firm base with the intention to hold it in place. We usually avoid using disc cutters as they can damage the edges of the brick or stone easily as well as increasing the joint depth. If your building is facing brick that has changed the color from its original gold/yellow appearance, we are here to help you out with it. This has specific relevance when it comes to choose a repointing mortar, as the yellow stopping mortar will not match plum tones. At Pointing by Tony Wallace, when mortar in the joints of the brick or stone wall fa├žade then we think it might need to be repaired by repointing.

Most Victorian or historic buildings will have been constructed with lime mortar. This makes the pointing porous and softer as compare to the cement based mortars used in modern buildings. Pointing by Tony Wallace only use traditional natural hydraulic lime mortar with the intention to patch and repoint as well as repair cracked and decayed mortar joints. This is because moisture is able to evaporate through mortar instead of the bricks or stones of the building. The usage of cement in repointing mixes causes damp issues, accelerated decay and sulphate attacks. Mortars that contain lime and sand are not even susceptible to this damage. Thus, we make sure that whatever work we do that would be most appropriate for long-term repairs. Our company use traditional raking out materials and tools with the intention to generate perfect bed for mortar that needs to be replaced. Our operatives are quite trained and use hand tools for small or patch areas or gun injection lime mortar systems for larger areas of pointing.

There may be times when the surface cleansing required eliminating lime mortar deposits. In certain circumstances, cleaning with clean water and brushing surface may be adequate to eliminate mortar deposits vigorously. Thus, our company have opted the usage of light-coloured mortar identical
to the granite that read as a part of quoin stones when seen from the street level. We start work on immediate basis which involve insertion of the crafted lines of off-white, lime mortar. You can contact us for lime pointing before the vertical joints are tackled in your building.