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Crumbling mortar in the chimneys and brick walls has to be replaced and cut out with the intention to avoid water and structural damage. For us, tuck pointing is quite easier than how it looks if you have right tools. Crumbling masonry joints start out ugly and usually things get uglier as fast as they could. Over the years in the building services industry, our company understands restorations and has essential scaffolding equipment and trained masonry experts who can deliver professional services that you can count on. Our people provide concentration to detail on each and every project they take on and are committed to provide you high quality service at reasonable and affordable price. Tuck pointing services are important to the safety and longevity of the business, Whether you need an emergency waterproofing service or an ongoing maintenance program, our experts at pointing by tony Wallace can develop customised program that stays within your budget as well as meet your needs.

In addition to the tuck pointing repair, Pointing by Tony Wallace also provides cleaning services for stone, concrete and brick. Relatively, we suggest chemical cleaning which is quite cost effective and safe method to furnish your masonry building with a new fresh look. Usually, it is requested on older buildings where traffic fumes and heavy pollution have left their mark over the years. Chemicals can work wonders with the help of a pressure washer so that it can uncover the original look of the brick on the building. At Pointing by Tony Wallace, we are proud to have years of experience in helping our customers throughout UK. We have an extensive knowledge of several cleaning products and techniques and always make sure that our customers’ needs are fully met.

If you’re in need of tuck pointing services for your office, home or industrial property, you can contact our company right away. Our staff pays extra and special attention to prepare the worksite prior to any cleaning procedure with the intention to insure protection of exposed doors, windows and landscaping. Our waterproofing solutions are designed to protect your masonry from the wind-driven rain. Tuck-pointing only applies Chem-Trete with 100% silane sealants over inferior waterproofing solutions because of their distinct benefits found at the big-box stores and many masonry supply stores. Typically, damaged mortar joints in your building are ground out with vacuum attachments and tuck-pointed by using machine grinders (for instance, filled with new mortar).

Maintaining sound mortar joints is quite important to the health of every masonry building. The grinding longevity and tuckpointing project depends on numerous factors which include depth of the grinding carried out by the mason, the ambient temperature when the work was performed and the mortar quality used. Our company monitors all these factors to make project structurally beautiful to view. The cost of the project for tuck pointing your brick wall or chimney may be less than you think. Tuck-pointing is not only needed to enhance curb appeal of a structure but it is required to make sure the integrity and safety of your commercial building. While providing you tuck pointing services, we ensure that it stops water penetration and prevents damage, reduces risk of pest and rodent infiltration, enhances chimney and insulation draft effectiveness, removes cost of tear-down or complete rebuild your building as well as increases the structure value. We take immense pride in offering the most long-lasting, pristine and thorough results to our clients. This means that we pay meticulous attention to the details that others may fail or oversee to notice.