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The presentation discusses common challenges and problems encountered in masonry design and construction. Topics discussed include water penetration, efflorescence, cracking, differential movement, grouting and detailing. Case studies are used to illustrate common detailing mistakes, material incompatibilities and construction defects that lead to poor performance of masonry. The case studies also include discussion of the use of appropriate detailing and construction industry standards to avoid common mistakes and problems. Common field evaluation methods for assessing masonry performance problems reviewed.

At the end of the course, the participants will:
Be familiar with typical masonry material performance issues, Understand the unique properties and characteristics associated with masonry assemblies recognize common problems experienced with masonry construction early in a project Have a basic knowledge of important masonry standards related to design and construction

Our advanced invisible repairs and enhancements leave structures more robust yet aesthetically identical, all while reducing the level of time and resources needed. With decades of experience, cutting edge tools and techniques, and the best team of masonry specialists on the planet, pointingbytonywallace gives owners, designers and project teams just what they need, when and how they need it. We have worked on various types of historic buildings in the Greater Kingston Area including churches, residential and commercial buildings. Our second-generation masons have the skills and expertise to advise and assist you on all stages of your restoration project. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of your historic building while ensuring your full satisfaction.

We can design custom interlocking solutions for your home or business and our masonry team will create shop drawings to make a custom blueprint of your project. Whether it is a driveway, patio or walkway, our highly-skilled team will provide you with the service and care that you deserve, all while bringing your vision to reality. Our masonry team of skilled craftsmen have the combined expertise to manage each project efficiently, and our wide skill set ensures that the job is done to the highest industry standards.