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Brick Cleaning and Pointing Hampton


The city is rich with the vast expanding business and industrial enterprise. There are lots of historical sites and lots of different points of interest such as, the oldest Anglican parish in the Americas and a moated six-sided historical fort. The pointing by tony Wallace is providing Brick Cleaning services in their best way. Our main has to be to make our clients satisfied and there long-term choice.

Pointing Hampton

In this, the damaged walls are renewed by replacing the old mortar with a new one. The outer portion of the mortar joints that connects the bricks is renewed.

When the repointing is required?

When there is an extreme weather condition, it causes adverse effects on your wall. In the areas where there is extreme rain fall, the water damages the mortar and results in the leakage into it. This will lead to the formation of smears on the wall.

The tuck pointing is done for sudden treatment when time is less. In this, the mortar is applied on the old one without the removal. This is done to fill the joints and cover the cracks. In lime mortar the composition of the mortar is different. It includes the mixing of the correct ratio of lime and sand.

The process of repointing

The repointing process involves a series of steps:

  • Clean the area

The areas which need the services are made clean before the start of the work. The dust, plant outgrowth and any type of material on the wall should be clean to make your work effective.

  • Removal of old mortar

The removal of the old mortar is very necessary as their removal is the only way by which the new one is placed properly.

  • Preparation of a mortar

It should be prepared in such a way that the color after the application should match with the other walls. The colors must be consistent and should be carefully measured.

  • Fill the joints

The vertical joints in the wall should be filled with the mortar. The mortar is applied in such a way that it will overlap all the joints.

  • Remove the excess mortar

This is the end stage of the process in which the excess mortar is removed from the wall. This step is done for giving the finished look to the work.

Brick Cleaning Hampton 

The process of brick cleaning is a very important method for giving the exterior of house a new look. This process will add the beauty to your house. The deposition of dirt and grime reduce the value of your house. We pointing by tony Wallace provide the outstanding services in the brick cleaning. We with our professional’s skill full worker and expertise make our clients satisfied and happy for ever.

Process of brick cleaning

First select the right solution for the brick cleaning. This decision is done by survey. In the survey we examine the area which is to be treated. There are different cleaning solutions suitable for different conditions. So after examining the conditions we decide the solution. The second step is protecting the area around the bricks which is to be treated. The reason is the chemicals we used in the cleaning of bricks can be harmful to the surrounding things such as plants, wooden work etc.

Third step is use excess of water to wet the brick thoroughly. Then application of chemical solution is done on the bricks for the removal of dirt and grime. Then again use excess of water for the removal of left over dirt, grime and chemical residues. This is the last step for rinsing the bricks thoroughly.

Sand blasting

The sandblasting is helpful in the removal of paint, rust and residue from materials very quickly. In this process the condition of metals can also be changes. We pointing by tony Wallace are providing this service from years with an efficient way. This process helps in the removal of scratches and casting marks.

This is obvious that sand is rough and gritty. This property proves helpful in the removal of excess and unwanted material from the surface. This process involves the use of high pressurized sand. We through our outstanding service in sand blasting produce innumerable customers. We pointing by tony Wallace with our expertise and skillful worker have become the priority for our customers.

Sand blasting is very useful for cleaning the tough surfaces like metal and it removes the old paint from the surfaces very easily. The sand blasting saves your time and money as its cleaning process is very cheap and fast.