Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Cleaning and Pointing Sudbury


It is a satellite city located 39 kilometers from the north-west of Melbourne. The city is a hub of business and many notable people like famous footballer Mark Blicavs, Mathew Egan and famous actor Nathan Phillips. We pointing by tony Wallace are providing the excellent services to their clients. Our pointing services are appreciable and everlasting.

Pointing Sudbury

When the mortar of houses gets damaged, it leads to the cause of leaks. The leakage leads to the damp in homes. Pointing is a process which protects the wall from water seepage by applying mortar and through different pointing services.

Repointing Services Sudbury

The repointing services are done by a series of steps in which a torn or worn out mortar is removed from the joint and a new mortar is placed on it. We offer tuck pointing in which the mortar is placed on the old one without the removal of the previous mortar. Similarly, our outstanding services are in lime mortar as well. In this type of pointing mortar, the mortar is made from lime, water and aggregate such as sand.

Process of repointing

While removing the mortar, special attention should be taken for short vertical joints and thin joints. The mortar should be removed minimum to the depth of 3/8 or three to the width of joints.

The joint which is cut should be cleaned and should not be left with U or V shape. In the correct ratio, mix the sand, cement and water to achieve the right consistency. When the joint is moist, then place the mortar up to 1/4th in place. Place the mortar in such a way that no smears and droppings should be seen.

Mortar should be made in such a way that it does not lead to shrinkage. While making the mortar, the aggregates should be well-grated. The largest granules should not be less than 30 percent. It is necessary that you should hydrate it every 3-6 hours over several days after its placement


It is also known as the surface finishing process. In this process we used a power machine and an air compressor. The powerful sand blasting machine sprays the sand particles under high pressure on the surface. When sand particles strike the surface, they create a finished smooth surface. We pointing by tony Wallace are provided with the services with our experts. The expertise of our experts makes them the foremost choice of every customer. We produced a number of clients with positive reviews on our service.

Brick Cleaning Sudbury

The process of brick cleaning requires for the enhancement of the look of the house. With the passage of time, dirt and aging affect the exterior of the house. In this way, for the maintenance of the house brick cleaning is necessary.  We pointing by tony Wallace are providing the services in the brick cleaning with such expertise that we have become the demand of our clients. Our workers with their skills and wealth of knowledge served the clients in the best way. The process of brick cleaning involves the following steps:

Survey the area to decide which type of treatment should be used. The type of chemical selection also depends upon the survey. After the survey we go through a number of stages. Cover and remove all important things around the area which is to be treated. After the covering of the area to make it protected from the brick cleaning chemicals, and then saturates the brick with water to check the absorption rate. Apply the chemical for the removal of dirt and grease from the bricks. Then after few hours, wash it thoroughly with water to wipe off all types of chemicals residue, dirt and grime.