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Brick Restoration Crouch End

Pointing Services Crouch End

We, Pointing by at Tony Wallace, offer complete masonry and brickwork services to commercial and residential owners in Crouch End and other areas of North London. Buildings are made of bricks and no doubt they are very resistant and robust; however, they require maintenance too after a while and if not done, structure stability can be compromised.

We understand that some of our customers may have little or no knowledge about the process and we do not want them to stay behind.

Pointing service is needed when gaps start to form in the bricks. The mortar which is used to join the bricks together starts to erode as time passes. If left unchecked, it can cause other bigger problems. Our workers remove the defective mortar and make a new mix for the mortar. They use the best quality cement in the mix to make sure that the service lasts longer and the structural stability is maintained.

Pebble dash Removal Crouch End

Pebble-dash is a harsh layer consisting of lime, sand, gravel, pebble and shells. It is used on the exterior walls of the house to make the surface more resilient against environmental conditions. It is also used for decorative effects in many places. However, some people may not like pebble-dash and may want to get it removed.

Our pebble-dash removal team at Crouch End is doing this service for a long time now and use the safest possible techniques to prevent heavy damage to the brickwork. The labourers use manual tools to remove the layer while being very careful not to ruin the wall underneath. For instance, if a brick gets damaged, our workers will restore the brick to its original or good as original condition. The stability of the structure will not be compromised.

Paint Removal Crouch End

Customers affiliated with Tony Wallace are modern people and like the house paint which fits the overall landscape of the house. For this reason, they may want to change the existing paint either because it is too old or because they do not like it. We have got you covered.

For the paint that is not too old, we try to work with water. The water pressure softens the dust layer and helps the paint layer to come out easily. If this technique does not work, then we have to use harsh chemicals, like phosphates, to help in the process.

Our team acknowledges that the use of harsh chemicals might cause the bricks to erode. We will restore the bricks to their original or good as original condition.