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Tony Wallace offers the best rates and services for all your masonry needs, including building maintenance and brickworks. We are a professional masonry service provider and have been working in West London for many years now.

Our clients may be interested in preserving the aesthetic appeal of their building but may have little information about which process to choose. We will explain the services in detail.

Pointing is the process used to repair joints between bricks which can result due to deterioration of the mortar. Mortar is used as a gap-filling adhesive between bricks and also acts as a cushion. It can get damaged as the building gets old. The deteriorated mortar is removed and fresh mortar is applied. We make sure that the best quality cement is used in the mixture of mortar so that the service lasts longer and the structural stability of the building is maintained.

Pebble dash Removal Ealing

Pebbledash, as the name suggests, is the layer of a mixture of pebble, lime, sand and gravel. It is used on the outside walls of the buildings because it lasts for many years and does not require much regular maintenance. Some people may find pebble dash unappealing and desire to get it removed. Removing pebble dash can be difficult and if done poorly, can cause internal brickwork to erode. Our experienced workers have been dealing with this process for a long time now, in and around Ealing, and we use manual tools to ensure the safety of the brickwork. If, accidentally, some bricks get damaged, our workers will restore them to a good condition if not original. The structural stability of the building will not be compromised in any case.

Further stability can be achieved by carrying out the pointing process.

Paint Removal Ealing

Everyone likes good paint and it is also an integral part of the house, from the aesthetics point of view. Furthermore, the colours we choose for our walls can influence our mood and behavior. Our clients may want to change the existing paint either because it is too old or they don’t like it.

A poor paint removal service can have repercussions, thus our team at Tony Wallace advises the customers to avoid using any tricks and techniques and only consult professionals.

For the paint that is not too old, we work with water. The water pressure softens the dust layer. This way the paint layer can be removed easily. However, if the water pressure does not work, then we use some chemicals, like phosphates, to help in the process.

The action of water and the use of chemicals may cause brick erosion, which our specialists are fully aware of. They will restore the internal bricks to a good and safe condition. This can be achieved by the pointing process.