Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Restoration Hanwell

Pointing Services Hanwell

Tony Wallace provides masonry and brickwork solutions for your buildings. From fixing the concrete to repairing some small cracks in walls and ceiling, we provide a complete solution for all your house maintenance needs. We have been working in Hanwell and West London for many years now. Homes are extremely expensive and so are repairs and remodels, but our services are very affordable.

Some customers who have little or no knowledge about house maintenance may get anxious in choosing services, so we ensure that they are not left behind.

Pointing service is needed when the paste that is used to bind the bricks together gets deteriorated. The gaps between bricks can form due to both environmental conditions and the aging of the building because the mortar, which is used as a paste, has a shorter lifespan than the bricks. There is an immediate need for pointing when small cracks start to form in bricks. In this service, our workers first remove the damaged mortar and then apply the fresh mortar. We use the best quality cement in making the mixture for mortar to make sure that the service lasts longer.

Pebble dash Removal Hanwell

Pebble-dash is a harsh material consisting of lime, sand, gravel, and often small pebbles and is used on the exterior walls of the houses. The benefit of the pebble dash is that it is very resistant to weather conditions and requires very low maintenance. However, some people may not like pebble dash and may want to get it removed.

As the mixture of pebble-dash suggests, removing the layer can be difficult and so requires specialists to ensure that inner brickwork is not ruined. We advise our customers not to use any techniques or tricks themselves and only consult professionals.

Our workers, who have been working in and around Hanwell for a long time now, use manual tools to keep bricks as safe as possible. If due to any human error the inner bricks get slightly damaged, our workers will restore the bricks to their original condition or at least to a good condition.

Further stability can be achieved by the pointing process.

Paint Removal Hanwell

Whether you have just moved into a house and do not like the paint or your existing paint is flaking and cracking, we have got you covered.

Our team is fully aware of the consequences of poor house paint services; therefore, our workers use the best possible methods to remove the paint layer.

For the paint that is not too old, we work with water. The water helps mellow down the dust particles and the paint layer. If this technique does not work, then we resort to using harsh chemicals like phosphates. The use of water pressure and chemicals might damage the internal brickwork and our team is fully aware of that. The workers will restore the bricks to a good as new or original condition. The structural stability will not be compromised in any case.