Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Brick Restoration Maida Hill

Pointing Services Maida Hill

Tony Wallace is a recognised name in the masonry and brickwork industry known for being reliable, efficient and trustworthy. We have been working in Maida Hill and West London for many years now.

We understand how complex the process is and therefore we make sure that our customers who may have little or no knowledge about the process are not left behind. Consequently, we make sure that we help our customers as much as possible so that they are satisfied with the process.

Pointing service is needed when gaps start to form between bricks.  The mortar which is used as a gap-filling adhesive has a shorter life span than the bricks and so it gets deteriorated early on. In this service, our workers first remove all the damaged mortar and prepare a fresh mixture of mortar. The mix consists of all the high-quality materials including the best cement. Mortar is then applied tightly in thin layers between the bricks and is left to dry.

Paint Removal Maida Hill

Customers affiliated with Tony Wallace are modern people and thinkers and are always looking for positive changes. Changing the paint of the interior or even exterior is one of the best ways to give the house a new look.

Our team at Tony Wallace advises customers to avoid any hacks and tricks themselves, but only consult specialists. A poor and ineffective paint job can have many repercussions.

For the paint that is not too old, we work with water. The pressure of the water can help mellow down the dust particles and ease the paint layer removal. Sometimes the action of water does not yield the required results and we have to use harsh chemicals like phosphates in the process. We are completely aware that the use of chemicals might erode the bricks underneath. Our workers will restore the bricks to their original or good as original condition and the aesthetic appeal of the wall will not be compromised in any case. Moreover, the structural stability of the wall will also be maintained.

Pebble dash Removal Maida Hill

Pebble Dash is a layer consisting of pebbles, shells, lime, sand, and small gravel. Due to its harsh nature, it is used only on the exterior walls of the buildings. The benefits of pebble dash include its resistant nature, low maintenance requirements and long life. However, some people may find the pebble dash unappealing and may want to get it removed. Our labourers have been removing pebble dash in Maida Hill for a long time now. Removing the pebble dash layer is a labour-intensive process. Our workers use manual tools in this process to avoid damaging the brickwork underneath and recover a smooth wall. However, if some bricks get eroded, our workers will restore them to original or good as original condition. Further smoothness can be achieved by the pointing process, which is also good for the structural stability of the wall.