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We at Tony Wallace provide the solution for all your masonry and house maintenance problems. We have been working in London and surrounding areas for many years now providing the best quality services while also offering the best rates.

Choosing the right house maintenance service can be a difficult process for customers who have little or no knowledge about brickwork services. Therefore, we will explain when each service is preferable. Pointing refers to the process of filling the gaps between the bricks. With time, the adhesive used to fill the gap between bricks deteriorates. For the structural stability of the building, the problem needs to be solved timely. Our specialist workers make a new mixture of mortar using the best quality cement and apply it to the joints. The better the quality of mortar the longer the service will last.

Pebble dash Removal Soho

Pebble-Dash, as the name suggests, is a harsh material consisting of lime, sand, gravel, shells, and often small pebbles. It is mostly used on exterior walls or exposed locations of the house to provide a resilient surface against extreme weather conditions. Over time, dust can accumulate on it or, simply, some people may find the pebble dash layer visually unappealing. We at Tony Wallace have got you covered. Our experienced labourers have been working in Soho for a long time now ensuring the process of removal is safe and quick. We use manual tools to remove the pebble dash while being very careful to not ruin the walls or bricks underneath. If accidentally a brick gets damaged, the workers will restore it to at least good condition if not original. Further stability can be achieved by the pointing process afterwards.

Paint Removal Soho

Everyone appreciates a positive change in everyday living. It can be as big as choosing to live in another city or as small as just a change of paint. Considering the latter, some customers may want to change the otherwise not ruined paint.

For paint that is not old, we only try to work with water. The pressure of the water can help soften the dust particles and make them come out easily. However, if the paint is not coming off with the water, we resort to using harsh chemicals such as phosphates to help remove it.

The pressure of the water along with the use of such harsh chemicals can cause the bricks of the wall to erode. It is thus important for the bricks to be restored to their original condition or at least good condition. Stability of the wall is always the utmost priority.

Our team at Tony Wallace strongly advises the customers not to try any DIY hacks at home, but instead consult professionals.