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Paint Removal West London

Paint Removal Services West London:


People take a lot of interest in updating and decorating their house with the latest trends and designs. The same is with the paint. Changing the paint of the house does not require the existing paint to be old or flaky. Whenever you want to change the paint, our specialists are there. We have completed several paint removal projects in West London on all kinds of buildings, both commercial and residential.

For the paint that is not too old, we work with water. The water pressure helps soften the dust and the paint layer. If water does not give fruitful results, we have to resort to using harsh chemicals, like phosphates, to help in the paint removal process. The workers try to be as delicate as possible; however, if a brick gets accidentally damaged, they will restore it to its original or good as original state.

The paint removal service can be done on both the exterior and interior walls of the building, depending on the choice of the customer. The process can be slightly different for each, but the result will be the same: wall safe and ready for a new coat of paint.