Brick Cleaning & Pointing By Tony Wallace

Pebble dash Removal North London

Pebble Dash Removal North London:

Pebble Dash is a harsh layer consisting of lime, pebble, shells, sand and gravel, and is used on exteriors of the houses. Pebble Dash is robust and requires very little maintenance. That is why it is preferred on the exterior walls of the building. Some of our clients residing in North London may be interested in getting pebble dash removed. They desire to restore the smooth wall underneath. A poor pebble dash removal service can cause severe brickwork erosion and have repercussions; therefore, the job should be done by the professionals. Although the job is laborious and difficult, our workers are both knowledgeable and equipped with the proper tools.

As it can be understood, removing the pebble dash requires much force. There is a possibility of some brickwork erosion. Our team fully acknowledges that and, in any case, will restore the brick to its original or good condition. The aesthetic appeal of the restored wall and the structural stability are always the priority.

Further stability can be achieved by carrying out the pointing process afterwards.