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Pointing Repair West London

Pointing Repair Services West London:


Pointing Repair services or just Pointing service refers to the same thing. Pointing Service is needed when gaps start to form between bricks. Over the years, the mortar which is used as a gap-filling adhesive deteriorates leaving a void between bricks. If left unchecked for long, small cracks start to form in the bricks where rainwater may seep, which is very dangerous for the structural stability of the building.

Our specialists have been doing pointing repair services in West London for a long time now and we can proudly say that all of our customers are happy and satisfied.

The specialists first remove the defective mortar completely. The next step is to prepare a fresh mortar; the composition of the mix depends on the bricks and existing mortar on other parts of the house. We always ensure that high-quality cement is used, so that the pointing service can last longer and the structural stability of the wall is maintained. While removing the mortar, the workers use the right manual tools which do not damage the bricks. However, if a brick gets eroded accidentally, they will restore the brick(s) to original or good as original condition. The structural stability of the wall will not be compromised in any case.